by Vandel



Debut album of the doom metal band Vandel.
1. Suspicion
2. When the time Comes
4.This Vivid dream


released January 8, 2017



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Vandel The Netherlands

Doom metal from holland. Influences Type o Negative, the Cure, My dying bride.

Watch out for the release of the debutalbum scheduled for summer 2017, entitled "When the time comes"

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Track Name: Suspicion
Who dares to walk
these streets at night
Welcome death
in the strangest times
You where the first
to cross their lines
A sick game that
ruines this land
this city sleeps
though we can`t leave
We can`t leave

we have lived
in the dark
no one sees
the emptyness
we ware left
with a mark
Play with fire
You will burn

When the moon passes by
Blood will fill the sky
It is time to kill
It is time..

Doesnt your
suspicion rise
when you hear
these deceiving lies
Sickness disguised
in this murderers land
ruled by they
pshychopath hand

I hope you`ve liked the game
in fear we are all the same
They will know my name
You will know....
Track Name: When the time comes
When the time comes to leave
Walk the path to infinity
Strange dreams have bin denied
The eye of wisdom we hide

We Hide

We Hide

When the time comes to see
Wicked faces stare at me
We all know the end is near
Expose yourself to your deepest fear

Our deepest fear

My Deepest fear

When the time comes to dwell
Wait in your portraited hell
Celebrate the great unknow.
Pledge yourself in this lonely Grief

Our lonely grief

My lonely grief
Track Name: Secrecy
in one hand lies the secrecy, honored by your god.
The other holds the ignorance, everyone seems to know.
Behold the bloodline that we serve, creating this fake world.
Pull the strings around our neck, suffocate the view.
Choking in disbelief, and I’ve died again.

Create the blame upon the weak, indoctrinating the mind.
The solution is at hand, you are being deceived.
Approach the beast from behind, worship or fall.
Upon the hill the guide stones hold, a madmen`s inner voice
Hand in hand we reach our goals, slaves for all times.
Track Name: This Vivid dream
you left me there silenty
i ask you where we are
images seem so violently
behold this twisted void
you look so strange in memory
Feelings i cant recall

Condemned to live whats inside of me
this life seem so declined
try to be What icould see
iv endured me own hell
can i see what occured
the past paves the way

lost my live
lost my dreams
lost my hope
lost everything

Ive learned to cope with whats left
the years have bin derailed
so long searching what cant be found
every solution has failed
in every hope theres i single tear
projecting my inner fear

lost my live
lost my dreams
lost my hope
lost everything
Track Name: Artificial
We’re Artificial
To point of no return
Watch this world fade
Your already gone

This Altered state
We’re not here anymore
Welcome to my fate
What else to live fore
Are you afraid
a denigration in itself

Find the quest (road)
And become aware / awake

We all feel lost inside
Out of the dark out of the night
Suffer for the way we are
We have reached to far

This spiral path begins (the cycle)
Physical Birth and the dead of souls
The serpent shows infinity
The road to Divinity

May the mind die when the hours pass you by
May the courage show the coward that you are
May the heart lie in this man so hollow
May the soul weep for the loss we endure